What do kids haft to be to walk alone in Canada?

Answer Nice spelling of "Have"

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What Is Haft Sin?

A central part of Iranian New Year's celebrations, Haft Sin is a special table set with seven specific ritual items. In ancient times, these items represented each of the seven creations and seven ... Read More »

How old do my kids need to be before they can walk to school unescorted?

If they're anything like their dad, they'll be picking up an "escort" long before they ever reach school. =P

How to Survive a Long Walk (for Kids)?

Believe it or not, long, hard, boring walks can be made more enjoyable. Whether your parents have dragged you to the Alps, Derbyshire or the Lake District, walking can be made bearable.

What age do you haft to be to ride in the passenger seat?

As long as your not in a car seat. But kids under 12 should sit in the back seat, because passenger airbags could cause a fatality.