What do jaguars live in?

Answer According to the University of Minnesora Department of Wildlife, jaguars (Panthera onca) typically live in rainforests, swamp areas that are seasonally flooded, thorn-scrub woodlands, pampas grassl... Read More »

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What do jaguars eat in The Amazon?

According to, the Amazon jaguar eats large mammals, including tapirs, monkeys and deer, and smaller animals, such as reptiles. KidCyber also reports that jaguars eat rodents, ... Read More »

Where are jaguars found in the world?

Small populations of jaguars roam the deserts and scrublands of Arizona and New Mexico near the Mexican border. They also inhabit the woodlands, rain forests and grasslands of Mexico and Central Am... Read More »

How to Draw Jaguars Easily?

The jaguar is the biggest member of the cat family in South America. This carnivorous mammal features a distinct coat of black spots that separates itself from all other types of cats. Drawing a ja... Read More »

Are jaguars endangered animals?

According to the United States Fish and Wildlife Service, the jaguar is listed as an endangered species. It has been listed as endangered since 1972 and is protected under the Endangered Species Pr... Read More »