What do italians call a winter hat?

Answer In Italian, the phrase for winter hat is "cappello di inverno." 'Cappello' translates to hat in English, 'di' translates to of, and 'inverno' to winter. Therefore, "cappello di inverno" translates ... Read More »

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Do Italians call soccer football?

Italians do call the sport of soccer "football," as do many Europeans. However, since Italians consider the pastime to be a game, they also call it "gioco del calcio," which translates to "the nice... Read More »

What do you call a winter hat?

There are several hat styles that are worn in the winter, such as beanies, skull caps, etc. But a popular one is the tuque-style hat. This style is usually knitted, made of wool or synthetic materi... Read More »

What do Italians really eat?

In italy food is verything, there isnt alot of fast food because its just poor qaulity. I have found some american chain restaurants in italy, most of which are darden owned. I would say italians a... Read More »

What kind of clothes do italians wear?

Italians wear stylish, high-quality clothing. The Italian word "bella figura" or good image exemplifies the importance Italians place on appearances and first impression. Italians tend to dress sli... Read More »