What is the difference between a cute looking girl and a beautiful/hot girl?

Answer A cute girl is one that has some innocence to her and is pretty in an angelic kind of way. Ummm.......Emma Watson ( the Harry Potter chick).Hot girl is one that is attractive more like in a sensual... Read More »

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How to Be a Beautiful Girl?

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How to Really Get a Beautiful Girl and Still Be Yourself?

Many people get girl friends by acting like something they are not. Those relationships usually do not last long.

How to Tell a Girl She's Beautiful?

Telling a girl that she is beautiful needs to be a sincere act. It must be one that shows that you have noticed how special a girl is.

When a guy says a girl's hot does he not think she's beautiful?

at first look they say shes hot, then if they go out and stuff, i guess then we call you beautiful. but we dont always call u hot, we can just say u have a pretty face, so ur cute/pretty.... we cal... Read More »