What do i need to start kite surfing?

Answer Kite surfing, also known as kiteboarding, is often referred to as the sister sport to windsurfing. It entails riding a board along the water while holding on to a kite. The speed of the kite being ... Read More »

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How hard is kite surfing?

On One Hand: Not an Easy FeatWhile kite surfing enthusiasts believe the extreme sport is not inherently difficult, it does require a significant amount of time to learn. An amateur should expect to... Read More »

Who invented kite surfing?

Dieter Strasilla receives credit for the invention of kite surfing. Quest Bulgaria says Strasilla developed a kite system for parachute skiing. Later, he began using the kite system with surfboards... Read More »

How to Fly a Kite?

Flying a kite is great fun on a windy day. It's also very relaxing. The following directions will teach you how to fly a kite with a friend.

How to Buy a Kite?

A large group of diamond kites on a single lineIf you have a passion for kite flying, you probably are interested in buying a kite. Unfortunately, there is a dizzying array of kites, in all shapes ... Read More »