What do i need to start kite surfing?

Answer Kite surfing, also known as kiteboarding, is often referred to as the sister sport to windsurfing. It entails riding a board along the water while holding on to a kite. The speed of the kite being ... Read More »

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Who invented kite surfing?

Dieter Strasilla receives credit for the invention of kite surfing. Quest Bulgaria says Strasilla developed a kite system for parachute skiing. Later, he began using the kite system with surfboards... Read More »

How hard is kite surfing?

On One Hand: Not an Easy FeatWhile kite surfing enthusiasts believe the extreme sport is not inherently difficult, it does require a significant amount of time to learn. An amateur should expect to... Read More »

How to Know What Waves You Should Be Surfing?

When the expletetives get vulgar, scratch for the horizon, when they are mild, jockey for position but otherwise let the one who was in position have the little wave.

When you are surfing the net, what are your top 3 go-to sites?

Yahoo Answers, e-mail, and Environment Canada.