What do i need to make a server?

Answer A server is essentially a powerful computer that stores files and programs that can be accessed from user desktops (called clients) via a local connection or through the Internet. Servers can be us... Read More »

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If I were to use my own web server to make a web site, is there a certain internet speed I would need?

NO. If your website is that in demand to cause speed problems, it means that you should be making money with it and you can have it hosted at one of these major web hosting comapnies.What you need ... Read More »

Will I make more money as a good server at Outback or The Melting Pot I need specifics!?

I would have to agree...Outback would earn you more money in tips by the volume. Although the average check at a Melting Pot is considerably higher than at outback, you can trun tables much faster ... Read More »

What do I need to set up a network with a server?

In order to setup a network with a server, you will need a PC with higher processing power than a standard desktop and server operating system software.SoftwareIn order to setup a network with a se... Read More »

What do i need (programs) and hardware to run a web server (not local)?

If you wanted to host it yourself, then any basic computer would do. You could handle quite a bit of traffic before it started to struggle. More of an issue would be the ADSL connection which is op... Read More »