What do i need to make a server?

Answer A server is essentially a powerful computer that stores files and programs that can be accessed from user desktops (called clients) via a local connection or through the Internet. Servers can be us... Read More »

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What does incoming POP3 HTTP or IMAP server& outgoing server SMTP mean?

POP3 refers to the third version of Post Office Protocol, which tells an email program which remote server to access to retrieve email. IMAP or Internet Access Message Protocol is another type of e... Read More »

Can some one please tell me how the server look like and how a normal person can operate a small lunix server?

A server looks like any other computer. Some server class machines are rack mounted, but any computer can be a server, even a laptop. Software is what makes a server, not hardware. As for how ha... Read More »

Can you put a BlackBerry Enterprise server and exhange server 2007 on the same computer?

Blackberry Enterprise Server and Microsoft Exchange Server are both programs designed for IT environments for making access to and transfer of information easier. Both may be installed on the same ... Read More »

Converting Windows server files to a Linux server?

Just copy the data over that all you need to do!!!!!!!Libre office will open all microsoft office files.The problem you may have are contact lists and databases. ( a bit of googling will find the a... Read More »