What do i need to drive a moped?

Answer Moped definitions and the laws pertaining to them vary by state. Riding a moped in your state may require a license, motorcycle endorsement, title, registration and even insurance.LicenseWhether or... Read More »

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How do i drive a moped?

Moped LawsCheck with your local Department of Motor Vehicles regarding the laws and exams associated with mopeds. In addition, depending on their size, some mopeds require insurance coverage.Safety... Read More »

How to Change a CVT Drive Belt on a Moped?

The CVT system in your scooter or moped automatically designates the gearing ratio for the transmission, in concert with to the engine's RPM and wheel speed. The CVT adjusts the transmission's gear... Read More »

Can I drive my 125cc Moped on an A road?

You are picking up a brand new 125cc scooter on Monday - it's not moped. The word "moped" specifically refers to the engine capacity (i.e. under 50cc).You would have been told which roads you can... Read More »

How to Install a Drive Belt on a 50 CC Moped?

Installing a drive belt on a 49/50 cc moped can be somewhat difficult at first. But with the right tools and a little practice, it can become a five-minute process. You should change the drive belt... Read More »