What do i need to do to become a day care teacher?

Answer The requirements to be a day care teacher depend on your goals in day care. Entry-level day care teaching has very few limitations, while day cares are sometimes required by law to have managers wi... Read More »

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Is it possible to be placed under the care of a teacher?

OMG yes! Today there are many teachers that are with the young generation and understand many children. I know a few teachers to be, and they are pretty awesome, so I am saying yes, being placed un... Read More »

Day Care Teacher Training?

Day care teachers provide physical and emotional care, social interaction, language and motor skill development specifically for preschoolers. School-aged children also require academic instruction... Read More »

Do you need to go to university to become a (kindergarten teacher or work at a day care centre)?

Kindergarten teachers normally have to graduate from a university.. Usually to work at a day care center it is ok if you go to a community college or just experience.

Is being a Child Care Worker and a Preschool Teacher the same thing?

u are thinking what im thinking. but there is a bit different of course. being a preschool teacher is to teach the children and being a daycare teacher (in my country, some centre called their dayc... Read More »