What do i need for speakon connectors?

Answer Speakon is the name of a speaker connector made by a company called Neutrik. Its usually used on professional audio gear to connect between the amp and the speaker. It was developed because of t... Read More »

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How do i wire speakon connectors with my red/white speaker cable?

Very easy - Wire the red wire to 1+ and the black wire to 1-I owned a pair of SX200's years ago.

What is a Speakon?

A Speakon is a type of cable connector that's produced by Neutrik. This connector is commonly used to connect loudspeakers to other devices such as TVs and entertainment systems. The cables come in... Read More »

What Is a Speakon Connector?

Speakon connectors are used to connect professional sound amplifiers and speakers. Developed by the Neutrik company, Speakon connectors have become the industry standard for speaker cables because ... Read More »

My ev sx200s have an out and in speakon socket?

These are just connected to each other so that you can connect 2 or more speakers in each channel together with a speakon lead, without having to take more cables back to the amplifier.PA systems a... Read More »