What do i have to do to make a website?

Answer As a starter google for "HTML Tutorials" and read and play and learn HTML coding first. You don't even need a server. Just use your local browser to test your first html pages. Go from there.Good l... Read More »

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What is the recipe website where you put in what food you have and it tells you what you can make?

I think the one you are looking for is this one: there are many others such as: Read More »

Anyone know how or what website i can use to make a free website? these help!

What is a website that I can use to make a website on my iPhone?

One of the biggest, most successful startups you haven’t heard of has gone mobile. Now iPhone users can use the Weebly app to create websites, post content, and analyze site traffic all from the ... Read More »

How to Make a Profile on a Website You Have?

Create a custom profile page, or "about me," for yourself on your blog or other personal website. If you have a website like a portfolio or a blog where you express yourself, then your visitors wil... Read More »