What do i have to buy to turn my regular tv to broadcast in digital?

Answer I assume you mean for your TV to receive digital broadcasts. Unless you get your signal right from an antenna at your home, you don't need anything extra. For cable and satellite service, anythin... Read More »

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How do you change one type of digital broadcast standard into a different digital broadcast standard?

If you mean 720 to 1080, If the TV is capable of 1080, it's done automatically in the TV set.

Is hd broadcast the same as digital broadcast?

All HD broadcasts are digital. Not all digital broadcasts are HD. "Digital" is simply a way of coding TV pictures onto a radio wave so that your TV can receive the radio wave and turn it back into ... Read More »

Will a HDTV with 120Hz blur the picture of regular cable broadcast?

Generally, a 120Hz display will not blur images of any content. However, all incoming video signals are 60 Hz, whether from cable, terrestrial or disc. The 120Hz display is generated by taking the ... Read More »

How do I turn a regular store bought fish from the supermarket and turn it to "sushi-grade"?

Short: No, you can not.Detailed:You only got partial information. The procedures for producing sushi grade fish are much more complicated than most people imagined. Here are some additional info th... Read More »