What do i feed tadpoles?

Answer Tadpoles thrive best in frog-friendly backyard ponds, rather than in jars, fishbowls, or fishtanks. In your pond, the tadpoles are eating algae, mosquito larvae, aquatic plants, and any small insec... Read More »

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What can you feed tadpoles?

Sharing the life cycle of a frog with a child is a great learning experience. Many families, however, capture tadpoles only to have them to die. Once you have tadpoles, it is important to know how ... Read More »

What to feed a nine month old baby who is breast feed?

You can feed them anything you would feed a bottle-fed baby of the same age. Try baby food in a jar.

What do pet tadpoles eat?

Feeding your pet tadpole is simple: tadpoles will eat either fish food or lettuce. If you choose to feed them fish food, a pinch a day will be enough. If you choose to feed them lettuce, you should... Read More »

What can tadpoles eat?

Tadpoles primarily eat decaying matter at the bottom of the pond as well as algae growing on rocks.Bottom FeedersBottom feeders are aquatic creatures like tadpoles that get their food from whatever... Read More »