What do i feed my cat with high creatine levels?

Answer According to the Feline Chronic Renal Failure (CRF) Information Center, cats diagnosed with high creatinine levels require a specialized diet that reduces the amount of creatinine and other waste m... Read More »

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Are high urea nitrogen levels indicative of high ammonia levels?

Disregarding the effects of some diseases or genetic disorders, high urea nitrogen levels may be directly indicative of high ammonia levels. Ammonia is toxic in the body and must be removed through... Read More »

Which is more dangerous: high Cholesterol levels (LDL) or high Triglyceride levels?

Harvard Medical School has confirmed that the best way of predicting coronary artery disease is by dividing your triglycerides by your "good" HDL. (TG/HDL) Triglycerides are more dangerous. Your ... Read More »

What vegan food source contains high creatine level Thanks?

the vegan food source contains high creatine level is vegetables,meat,egg,milk and butter.

Do high ketone levels indicate high or low blood sugar?

Ketone testing is most often done if you have type 1 diabetes and:--* Your blood sugar is higher than 240 mg/dL* You have an illness such as pneumonia, heart attack, or stroke* Nausea or vomiting o... Read More »