What do babies dream about in the womb?

Answer Maybe they dream what it will be like when they leave the womb.

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What does it mean when you dream about drowning?

dreams are made for what you want to happen in your mind but not always be like that so just forget about it or if you cant consolt with your docter

If I have a dream about all my teeth falling out; what does it mean?

It's a fear of loosing something that will change your life and force to rethink stuff that you take for granted.You may also have a subconcoius fear that something about you is changing in a frigh... Read More »

What is everyone's dream job Does anyone have their dream Job?

How to Get People to Dream About You?

Do you have a crush on someone but they don't seem to like you back ? Well here are some suggestions on how to make that special someone come running into your waiting arms.