What do i do when my foot goes all tingly and it gets hard to move. ?

Answer your foot just fell asleep, just wait till it wears off

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Tingly numbness sensation in foot?

You may have a nerve pinched in your lower back.

Got bit by a spider and now i cannot move my foot.?

Take some aspirin now if you can and it will not mess with your stomach. Have it checked out. I got hit by a brown recluse ( they might think, but whatever not fun) twice and on the inside of th... Read More »

How to move EVERYTHING from one hard drive to another?

Yes.  It's easily done (although quite time consuming) with cloning software.  My preference is for Paragon Paragon Hard Disk Manager, as it can adjust for a different sized drive as it clones, a... Read More »

Can I move Windows 7 to another hard drive?

The answer is YES..But its a bit technical..First, your need to identify if your hard drive is an IDE type or SATA before purchasing a new one..Now, assuming that you istalled your NEW hard drive i... Read More »