What do i do my cat bit me and now its swelling?

Answer definitely go for advice in the morning. I was at hospital once and a lady come in with a bite - and she needed antibiotics. You could have it infected. get some help before it really gets bad. Jus... Read More »

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When will the swelling go down?

Yes, you need an antibiotic, it will not go away on it's own at this stage & there are dangers of others complications.Then, first thing Monday see a dentist, you most likely will need a root canal... Read More »

Should the swelling have gone down after three day?

Nope. That is a place where there isn't much circulation, so it will take a while.Bruising takes a lot longer to heal than an actual cut, so it would take longer anyway, but there isn't much blood ... Read More »

My arm is swelling, what do I do?

okay, your still in the acute stage of the injury so you need to get rid of the swelling before its going to heal.swelling is trying to protect the area, the responsible White blood cells won't be ... Read More »

Will the swelling go away?

Your circulation might be cut off which is causing the swelling. Ice the swollen parts of your body for 30 minutes, if swelling is the same or has Increased go to the ER.