What do i do if my dentist extracted the wrong teeth?

Answer Start by checking with your orthodontist to make sure the right or wrong teeth were pulled. If the wrong ones WERE pulled, you might have a malpractice case, but you should also check with a lawyer.

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What is wrong when the teeth your dentist filled are still hurting three weeks later?

Answer It means that might have a small hole in your tooth with the filling ( which might not be visible.) you will have to go to the dentist again to see if the cavity has continued to grow in you... Read More »

I've had all my teeth extracted, but no imprints taken before they extracted them, can they still make denture?

When dentures are made it is only the bare jaw bone on which the denture will be made to fit on that is important. The best way to have a denture made is to have all the teeth pulled and allow the ... Read More »

Teeth very sensitive to candy/chocolate/high sugar content foods, dentist says nothing is wrong?

Sounds like classical sensitivity - has to do with how ions transfer. You can look it up on youtube, but I would just suggest cutting out tartar control toothpaste (they make the enamel more porou... Read More »

The teeth next to my extraction site hurt after having my teeth extracted?

It's most likely gum bruising from the pressure the dentist needs to use to remove a tooth. It's quite normal and the pain will subside before too long..