What to do if u cheated on diet ?

Answer Gaining 5lbs in one day would be equal to you eating an extra 17500 calories which I don't think is even possible. Either your scales are wrong or its water weight. Either way, just start again tom... Read More »

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What should your boyfriend do if his mom left him at her ex-boyfriend's house and she beats him for no reason and throws his stuff out and blames it on her ex-boyfriend?

Answer He needs to call the police or talk to someone at school who can call social services and get him out of that house. It is a horrible life to go through and you should do the best you can to... Read More »

Who cheated on millionaire?

Charles Ingram was discovered cheating on WWtbaM after he took coughing cues from a fast finger question contestant and his wife. This was all planned. For more information, click the link below.

How to Get a Girl if Her Ex Cheated on Her?

It is hard for girls to move on from past relationships, especially if they were cheated on. A girl like this will need special care and attention.

How to Overcome Being Cheated On?

There can be nothing more devastating and shocking then discovering you have been cheated on by your loved one. Here's how to cope.