I LOST MY VOICE :( how do i fix it?

Answer Try to avoid cold stuff like ice cream...ESPECIALLY ice cream. Try like hot chicken noodle soup. Drink hot chocolate, tea, gargle warm salt water, drink medicine for like a cold and stuff like that... Read More »

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I just lost my voice What to do?

DO NOT TRY TO TALK AT ALL ... seriously, get a tablet and a pencil and WRITE everything you want to say ... and do this for at least a week then 'test' your voice ... if it's not 'back to normal' t... Read More »

I lost my voice what can i do to ?

Don't talk.(Witch I know can be hard for some of us.)Drink lots of hot tea.don't do to many physical activities that make you out of breath.Take a cough drop every once and a while.Hope I helped! :)

How to Be Social When You Have Lost Your Voice?

Losing your voice is a great inconvenience, especially if you are a social person who loves to talk! Use the advice below to help you continue to be sociable while your voice is gone.

Completely lost my voice:/?

Unfortunately you have not given your age, smoking or medical history, so the cause of your voice loss can only be a guess. The commonest cause is probably that of a viral infection. If this is the... Read More »