What do i do if a buyer buys 1 of my items off ebay for a ridicolous amount of money that i know they wont pay?

Answer I wouldn't send the item until it has been paid, can you not report them if they don't pay?

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How to Report a Buyer on eBay?

Having a seller's account on eBay is an effective way to sell items. Typically, when another eBay user buys your item, he sends electronic payment and you mail him the item. Occasionally, however, ... Read More »

EBay Feedback as a buyer?

i always get 5 stars for buying, just pay the same day u buy and u''l get 5 stars. i buy mostly form asia, if this helps

Ebay: buyer sent item i didn't want?

When you win a bid on eBay you have then entered a contract with the sellerto buy it at the price agreed. That agreement stands in Law.Just because you couldn't be bothered to read the description ... Read More »