What do i do help!?

Answer Well I think that you should calla friend or relative to bring you to the emergency room immediately to get it checked out! Don't panic, stay calm and got to the doctor! Of your family or friends c... Read More »

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What do i do if my ipod is making noise !!!!! help help help help scarred?

try resetting it to its normal settings (press and hold the middle and top button at the same thime for a couple seconds untioll it goes black and the apple logo apears)

Help .. What is the meaning of sentence "Help us to help you better ."and..?

It's to get an even higher quality of information that they can then offer to everyone else.

AMMYY SCAM HELP!!help !!help !!help !!help !!help !!help !!help !!help !!help !!help !!help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

You should be able to remove Ammyy Admin from your control panel using "Add/Remove" programs. However, that at this point is only PART of your issue. Ammyy Admin is a legitimate remote administra... Read More »

PLEASE HELP!!!!!! HELP HELP!! First to help me gets 10 points!!!!?

Why didn't you just buy a card reader ... (less than $10) and copy your images with it? No muss no fuss.If your computers "auto-play" feature is turned off, nothing will happen until you use the ... Read More »