What do i do about our kid that is on drugs?

Answer please watch this video before you get all judgmental. and no the weed isnt gonna react with here medication THC doesnt do that.…

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Im looking for a song about drugs or doing drugs (it's to go with a video for a project!) any suggestions?

Some ones that havent been said yetecstasy- The Streets- Blinded by the LightsMotorcycle-As the Rush ComesThe Doves- There goes the fearThe Twang- Cloudy Room (love this song :D)marijuana-Up In Sm... Read More »

Celebrities on drugs and good movies about drugs?

Oh, wow. Who to choose for celebrities. Here are some of them:Robert Downey Jr - Was arrested in '96 for driving drunk and being in possession of heroin and cocaine. Arrested again in 2000 for poss... Read More »

What can a person do if they know that a child is in an environment that is unsafe unhealthy and exposed to drugs?

Answer You can report the parent(s) to Child Welfare and they will take it from there. Child Welfare will not give your name and it's strictly confidential.

What should i do about drugs?

You should go to talk to someone. Better yet, go to an NA meeting. I used to do stuff too, and being around other people helps you stay clean.I had a pretty bad drug habit, and now I've been clean ... Read More »