What do i clean my skateboard bearings with?

Answer Citrus-based cleaners clean skateboard bearings but may leave behind a sticky residue that will collect dirt and damage the bearings in the future. Solvents are a superior option but may be dangero... Read More »

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How do I clean skateboard bearings?

Use a ratchet wrench or skate tool to remove the skateboard's wheels. Remove the bearings and take off their shields with an object like a paper clip or the head of a flat-head screw-driver.Spray t... Read More »

How to Clean Skateboard Bearings?

Clean bearings cut back on wear on your board, make it go faster and stop the wheels from seizing up (make you eat pavement). Here's how to clean them.

What can you use to clean skateboard bearings?

According to Skateboard Ball Bearings, a spray cleaner called Orange 409 can be used to clean skateboard bearings. Once the bearings have been sprayed, they can be wiped clean using a rag. It is re... Read More »

How do i clean lucky skateboard bearings?

PreparationUnscrew the bolts holding the wheels to the trucks. Scrape out any large dust, sand or dirt particles from the bearing with a paper towel.CleaningSpray 409 Orange or a similar cleaner di... Read More »