What do human female pheromones smell like?

Answer Phermonoes are chemicals that trigger a response in members of the same species, affecting behavior and physiology. Human female pheromones are not detectable by the human sense of smell, and there... Read More »

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Are human males attracted to female pheromones?

While pheromones may be important for other species, anthropologist Dr. Stephen Juan, a regular on NBC's "Today Show," states that there is little scientific evidence to support the theory that phe... Read More »

What do pheromones smell like?

The Howard Hughes Medical Institutes says that pheromones, first identified in insects in 1956, are a kind of chemical signal. Research by the National Institutes of Health states that pheromone pe... Read More »

How to Increase Natural Female Pheromones?

Pheromones are produced naturally in many animals as a way to signal a response in the members of the same species. For humans, pheromones are used as a way to attract a potential mate. The percept... Read More »

How to Harvest Human Pheromones?

The American Psychological Association suggests that medicine and science often disagree on the effect human pheromones play in human interaction. However, there is a consensus on how these biochem... Read More »