What do house appraisers look at?

Answer Real estate appraisers are highly trained professionals who must adhere to strict rules of ethical conduct and standards to produce unbiased appraisals. They usually don't care about decor, clutter... Read More »

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What do appraisers look for in a house?

A home appraiser is tasked with evaluating homes on an individualized basis to determine their appraised value. Appraisers usually work on behalf of the lender to determine price, a figure based on... Read More »

What Do FHA Appraisers Look for in a House?

According to the federal government, the Federal Housing Administration has insured 34 million homes since it's formation in 1934 through 2006. By insuring mortgage lenders against losses, FHA redu... Read More »

Do house appraisers look in shed?

Probably not. They have a pretty good value of your house before they get out of the car. They walk around the house looking for obvious problems, like undersized electrical services, or dangerous ... Read More »

What do appraisers look at when appraising a house?

Appraisers estimate the value of a house by various methods, including examining its condition, style, unusual or special features, and gauging its future value.ConditionAppraisers examine the cond... Read More »