What do hosts receive for having a home party?

Answer Some people throw home parties to sell a line of products and earn extra income on commission. From gourmet foods and cookware to candles and bath products, home parties offer a variety of merchand... Read More »

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Told two hosts that I would be there...What party to go to?

go to your friends because although you can drink for free you don't really want to get wasted in front of your co workers

I'm having a sundae party for my sons bday, but I don't want to send he kids home on a sugar high..?

First, it really depends on how old the children are.They can play:Hide and SeekTagDuck, Duck, GooseMusical ChairsBaseballKickballSoccerSimon SaysTwisterCharadesDo some relay races, potato sack rac... Read More »

Im having my 13th party and i dont know what to get as party bags/ alternatives?

I'm not too sure what you're friends are into, but I'm 13 and my friends all love the bath company store 'Lush', so what I'm doing is getting them about 2 bath bombs each (they're from £1.90 - aro... Read More »

Blog hosts and 3rd party adverts?

For wordpress, there are plugins (mostly premium) that enables you to place ads and customized which part of the site you want the ads to be displayed. Some plugins require widget(e.g. text widget)... Read More »