What do horse vets do?

Answer Horse, or equine, vets deal with health issues that arise in horses. They travel to farms and ranches in order to examine horses that may be ill, and then set up treatment plans to deal with possib... Read More »

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What is the percentage of vets to population in the usa?

As of 2006, 8 percent of the U.S. population, or 23.9 million people, were military veterans. Of these, 38 percent were over 65 years old, according to the Hoover Institution. The states with the l... Read More »

What Classes Do Vets Take?

A veterinarian must complete an extensive educational program before being licensed to practice his craft in a real-world setting. The specific courses required depend on the type of occupation the... Read More »

What is the number of surviving WWI vets?

As of February 2010, there are two surviving World War I veterans. The remaining two are Australian Claude Choules and American Frank Buckles. The last surviving British soldier died in July 2009, ... Read More »

What do vets recommend for dog shampoo?

Since a wide range of shampoo products is available for each dog's particular fur and skin type, vets can give dog owners the best advice on what type of shampoo is best for their dog.SignificanceA... Read More »