What do high triglycerides on a blood tests mean?

Answer High triglycerides can be a sign of various medical conditions, including heart disease, hardening of the arteries, hypothyroidism (slow thyroid hormones), kidney disease, liver disease and diabete... Read More »

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If you are 33 weeks pregnant and have had lots of blood tests that show your ALT is high what can this mean?

Answer The Alt is definilty your liver count. Mine was high after I delivered my daughter, they kept me in the hospital an extra day. A week after I was home I had to go and see my family doctor, t... Read More »

Do stress tests and heart ultrasounds detect high blood pressure?

Yes,that's how I was diagnosed with HBP.I also went through the stress test.I recently stopped taking the bp meds and my bp is 120/80 or better ! !

Why are TC DC blood tests are conducted by pricking the finger while other blood tests r not done tht way?

Actually u have misunderstood the concept... Know some facts about this which will clear ur doubts... 1) TC is total count or the number of WBCs/ white blood cells per cubic mm of blood2) DC is dif... Read More »

All of your pregnancy tests and blood tests say you are pregnant and you just got off of the pill but why are you still having your period?

Answer Is it an actual period? Bright red and follows the light, heavy, light pattern. If it is more light pink or brown and more like spotting, it could be implantation bleeding. It normally come... Read More »