What do heart palpitations feel like?

Answer Heart palpitations are the physical manifestation of your heart being irregularly or skipping a beat. Some causes of heart palpitations are attributed to stress, exercise, or medication; in rare c... Read More »

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Can you feel heart palpitations in the center of your chest?

Yes. No matter what your crappy public school teachers have told you about the heart on the left side, the heart is located in the mediastinum; primarily in the center, just a little off to the left.

I suffered from Heart Palpitations when I was younger and would like to try Cocaine, Is it dangerous?

Not all drugs are dangerous. Stick with weed and booze. cocaine's a vacuous rich kids party drug. it makes you egotistical. It makes you want more cocaine. this is dumb. It's one thing to ris... Read More »

My heart sometimes is pounding heart and i was kanna like having difficulty of breathing,but feel ok if i move?

I have absolutely no idea what this is but it sure sounds very serious. Go to your GP immediately!!

I feel like i have a fish flopping around in my chest. Does this sound like a heart problem and if so, what?

Usually that feeling comes from what's called PVC's (premature ventricular contractions). They are very common often can come from stress, caffine, salt, hyperactive thryroid and other conditions. ... Read More »