What do hamsters need?

Answer Hamsters as pets are low-maintenance, low cost, generally do well with children and can be entertaining. Though a hamster's average life span is 2½ years, with proper care, they can live even long... Read More »

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Why do hamsters need to smell you?

Hamsters have very poor eyesight, and so many cannot recognize their owners by sight. Instead they rely on their senses of sound and smell.ReasonHamsters are nocturnal creatures that do not need go... Read More »

Do dwarf hamsters need baths?

On One Hand: No, They Don'tYou should not give your hamster a bath unless it has rolled in a potentially toxic substance like paint, according to In general, hamsters can clean the... Read More »

Do dwarf hamsters need to be separated?

On One Hand: Hamsters Can Live TogetherSame-sex dwarf hamsters can live happily together in pairs or groups, but it is common for them to fight. If the fighting gets out of hand, they should be sep... Read More »

Do you need to give hamsters a bath?

On One Hand: Hamsters Don't Need BathingThe natural oils in a hamster coat help protect the hamster from the elements. Bathing removes those oils and can lead to illness and possibly death. Unless ... Read More »