What do hackers see on your computer?

Answer "Hacker" is not an accurate term for the person who breaks into your computer. Hackers modify things to make them work better. The term "malicious hacker" describes someone who breaks into computer... Read More »

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How do i prevent hackers on my computer?

in the end nothing can stop a dedicated hacker. What you can do is make sure that you delete all of your cookies and internet history. Have a few firewalls (which you can get easily) pay for securi... Read More »

How to Defend Yourself Against Computer Hackers?

Computer hackers are not just super geeks sitting in a dark room somewhere thinking up ways to play pranks. They probably number in the tens of thousands. Their goals vary from stealing financial d... Read More »

Computer Hackers & Viruses?

Computer hackers are people who intentionally discover security holes in computer or network systems. Traditionally, hackers work for the challenge of breaking into systems, while "crackers" are ha... Read More »

Laws Against Computer Hackers?

Several laws and acts have been passed in the U.S. Congress to protect against individuals who unlawfully access protected or private computer databases. Convicted hackers have been known to introd... Read More »