Guys what do you want in a girl ♥?

Answer Well what I want in a girl is.. My dick.Haha, no.. I tend to like shorter than me.. I like thick girls.Uh, no Hollister clothing, as Hollister is not stylish. I like athletic girls. Blue, hazel, an... Read More »

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How to Be the Girl All The Guys Want?

There are some girls who are just like magnets for man's attention. You wanna be one of them? Tips to remember:

How to Be the Girl All the Bad Guys Want?

So, you've heard the Bowling For Soup track and you want to be Nona? Well, here's a step by step guide to be the girl all the bad guys want.

GUYS: Write something that ever girl should know about guys.?

I'm not a guy BUT:They mean what they say most of the time and hate being second guessed.

What do guys like in a girl?

Guys are all looking for something different. For instance, when it comes to looks, I never went after the really beautiful girls, 'cos when I got to know them a little I found they weren't as bea... Read More »