For girls only: Guys, you don't want to know.?

Answer i think late 12 or early 13

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How to Be Friends with Guys if Girls Want to Be Your Friend?

You want to be friends with the guys, but girls want to be your friend?

Period crap. girls only. guys, u probably dont want to hear about my lady problems.?

When you first start getting your period it is very, very erratic. The more you worry about it and stress about it, the less likely it is to arrive. Don't worry, your monthly friend will be here so... Read More »

Guys:What body type do guys like on girls?

My favorite body type is attached to a girl who is fun outgoing and interesting. Even thin girls can be lazy so no couch potatoes for me. The best body for me is one who likes to participate in l... Read More »

Can guys get yeast infections from girls?

On One Hand: Facts About Male Yeast InfectionsYes, a man can get a yeast infection from a woman who has this type of infection. However, men often aren't aware that they have a fungal infection or ... Read More »