What do typical guys look for in a girl?

Answer men look for a girl who usually has some makeup and jewelry, but not overdone. Like if she has some eyeliner on, but not too much, yeah. also, make sure she doesn't have too many piercings, as in a... Read More »

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GUYS: What makes a girl look cute?

be modest, dont flash your body around.Dont put on too much make up onDont act like a *****I guess its the personality, looks yes but only if its not overdone.

GUYS what do u look for in a girl (be honest and specific)?

-Laid back and not concerned about what she looks like-I don't know, but I don't like all black or scene stuff-Black hair on a white girl that isn't fat and has nice skin.-I like girls that taste l... Read More »

Guys: what does your dream girl look like?

MY SISTER! ooh, i be spyin on her when she's in the shower!

Guys: What does your ideal girl look like?