Guys! what makes a girl pretty/cute/hot?

Answer hair color: brownlength: shoulder length or chin lengthcurly or straight: either, i like wavesmake up: mascara, lip stick, eye shadow, blushclothes: form-fitting, trendypersonality: not loud, but n... Read More »

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If a girl is pretty does the fact that she is dark-skinned make her not pretty enough?

no but everyone is attracted to different kinds of ppl...

Guys- do u think im pretty?

The real question is - do YOU think you're pretty? The answer to your problem is to forget all the other comments here, stand in front of the mirror and say 'I AM BEAUTIFUL'. If anyone says otherwi... Read More »

**for guys** do girls have to be pretty?

1. no not at all!2. doesn't matter-- no ones perfect!3. doesn't matter-- no ones perfect!4. yea, but i do not like a lot of make up5. no, I like little or no makeup-- but i love black eyeliner ever... Read More »

How to Tolerate Other Guys Staring at Your Pretty Wife?

Do heads turn wherever your wife goes? If it's something that you feel is worth trying to stop, here's how to go about it.