Do girls like guys who wear sandals?

Answer I love guys who wear sandals! I dont know why though, lol. I personally think it can be both fashionable and laid back. It really depends what you wear with it!

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Do guys like it when girls wear heels?

I'm a guy and I'm fairly tall at 6ft 2. My girlfriend is 5ft 11 (barefeet) and she loves wearing heels. Some of her heels makes her stand around 6ft 4 or 5 tall. Therefore she can be taller then me... Read More »

Guys: girls that wear lipgloss?

they like it all but if there's going to be kissing, better not use lipstick

GIRLS: HOT or NOT when guys wear their jeans low?

HAHAHAHAH I'm a guy and I wear mine that low sometimes. Girls still LOVE ME HAAHAHAHAHAHA!!!-AK

Do guys like girls that wear MAKE-UP?