What do gummy bears contain?

Answer Gummy bears are made of some basic ingredients. However, the addition of flavors, food coloring and vitamins, and the substitution of vegetarian ingredients, produce many varieties of the popular c... Read More »

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Gummy worms or gummy bears?

What Makes Gummy Bears Sticky?

Hans Riegel created the forerunner of the gummy bear back in 1922. They were called "Dancing Bears" and were made of fruit gum. Haribo confectionary company of Bonn, Germany, still makes gummy bear... Read More »

What would happen if someone ate 50+ gummy bears a day?

Too much of anything is never a good thing. There will be consequences such as: weight gain, teeth going bad, sugar overload syndrome, etc. The bottom line is, it's not healthy. Maybe try replacing... Read More »

Alcoholic Gummy Bears <3?

the purpose of the chaser is to sweeten the taste of the bacardi 151 , but theres the sweet taste of the gummy bears to do this ! its a nice way of getting high without anyone really catching on co... Read More »