What is goats cheese made from?

Answer whatever goats eat

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What are the treatments for goats with scabies?

In goats and sheep, scabies (S scabiei var caprae) is a skin condition in which mites infest the skin. The mites cause lesions on the head and neck that spread to the rest of the body. There are se... Read More »

What Shots Should You Give Goats Yearly?

No farm is complete without a goat. Gentle and curious, naughty and accident-prone, goats provide hours of amusement, weed out plants other livestock should not eat and can be used as a reliable so... Read More »

What kind of grass do I need to plant for goats?

Goats eat pasture grass. Don't plant ornamental grass and plants because it harms a goat's digestive track. Goats need more than grass to thrive. Make sure goats have access to woody plants, ideall... Read More »

How to Care for Goats?

Goats require a delicate balance of minerals, nutrients and manual care to keep them healthy and happy. They need daily tending and close monitoring to catch any problems. If you notice anything ab... Read More »