How to Tell the Age of Goats?

Answer A goat's age is directly linked to the state of its teeth. A quick glance at the wear and tear of the goat's front teeth will determine its stage of life. During the typical goat's lifespan of 10 t... Read More »

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How to Buy 4-H Goats for Sale?

4-H members raise goats for milk production, meat, mohair or cashmere fiber, brush control and companions. 4-H is an organization for students ages 9 to 19, and 4-H goat projects are available in m... Read More »

Can goats eat zucchini?

Zucchini is not harmful to goats. Although zucchini can be eaten by goats without causing any problems, it is not the preferred diet. Goats usually eat cereal grains and grass to get most of their ... Read More »

How to Introduce a Dog to Goats?

Whether you want to keep goats as meat or dairy providers or you plan to keep them as pets, a well-behaved dog can work as an effective guardian against predators. Certain dog breeds are more suite... Read More »

Can goats eat oak trees?

Goats predominately eat the leaves of low growing shrubs, weeds and trees, including oak leaves. They will eat grass but usually as a last resort when no other food source is available.References:A... Read More »