Do women really think men only want those female, model type airbrushed girls you see in magazines?

Answer I think a lot of girls try to have that look to have self confidence thinking that that's the only look that people call pretty and it's not. media is making a large majority of teen girls or even... Read More »

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I urgnetly need help my whole life depends on u really want me 2 diepleaseplease HELP!!?

Which TV genre do people in general really want to watch a normal life drama or a supernatural drama?

this is just my opinion but i would say supernatrual drama.Maybe real life drama, in my opinion btw.

What is something you want to do in your life before you die Also, How do you want to die?

Something I want to do before I die doesn't have to do with going places or physical things. I just want people to know I love them and I want to be at peace within myself and with Jesus Christ.Whe... Read More »

What is agood mascara if you want really really thick eyelashes?

Maybelline! I have been dying to answer a question about mascara lol! Because maybelline mascaras are amazing!!!! Try falsies it's great for thick long lashes and goes on with practically no clumps... Read More »