What do girls like most about guys =O?

Answer hair, eyes, lips, body, smile/teeth, PERSONALITY!!!!!!!!!!! hahaha

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Boys: what do you love and hate most about girls?

I am a homosexual teenage male, and thus I am not sexually turned on by females, so my answer is solely based on the personality traits of females, and not the traits of females when it comes to re... Read More »

Before a date what do most girls worry about?

Family Feud answers:How They LookKissingBreath

What Annoys People Most About Their Roommates?

A new dorm, apartment can be a home away from the home for young people, and it may be the first time they are living apart from their parents. While they have become used to parents and their idio... Read More »

Guys, what are the most annoying things you find about girls?

#1 most annoying thing I find about girls: When they are in a group of people and they start to laugh really loud the second attention is taken off of them. They start to laugh louder and louder u... Read More »