What do girls carry in their purses?

Answer People are often curious about the items that girls carry in their purses. Usually, girls carry items that they believe that they will need during the day. Some items are carried for vanity purpose... Read More »

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When do marines carry their rifle at a tactical carry?

All girls (: how many coach purses do u own?

One, but I am getting another for school.

Girls, when someone mentions their a soccer player...what are some of the first things you girls picture?

toned, muscular thighs and butt ;)he knows how to score., i'd probably get along with him because i play myself. i'd be able to be competitive with him which is a complete turn on.

What equipment do police officers carry on their duty belts?

While the exact items kept on a police officer's duty belt varies by location, some items are common to almost all police officers. These are a gun, holster, extra ammunition, radio, handcuffs, bat... Read More »