What do giant water bugs eat?

Answer The giant water bug, one of the largest insects in the United States, feeds on any sort of small animal it can handle. This includes aquatic invertebrates, small vertebrates such as tadpoles and sa... Read More »

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How to Get Rid of Giant Water Bugs?

Finding that giant water bugs are in your home is a shocking discovery. You might keep a tidy home, but these nasty bugs can still find their way inside and take over your living area. Water bugs, ... Read More »

How do you kill water bugs of the Notonecta Species also called Backswimmer Bugs in a swimming pool?

Killing water bugs I am quoting a post in that was in pool problems.... This worked VERY well for me. No more bugs! I used BioGuard Back Up as my algecide. Once I balanced the water, I shocked it ... Read More »

Where do water bugs come from and do water bugs bite?

If you mean the big roaches that you see outside, they like to live in decaying plant matter. If you are seeing a lot of them around your house you may have a moisture problem or standing water s... Read More »

What is the giant steel structure under the water in Palm Beach fl?

It is the remnant of an old asphalt road that ran along the beach called A1A. It was destroyed in a hurricane in 1947 and relocated to its current location. It is now in 5 to 15 feet of water and a... Read More »