How do I tell female geese from male geese?

Answer AutosexingDetermining the genders of geese depends on the type of geese you are sexing. Autosexing, the process of visually determining the gender of certain breeds of geese through coloration, mar... Read More »

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What Are the Different Types of Geese?

Geese can be found all over the world, from Egypt to Canada. Most true geese people attribute to the genera Anser, Chen or Branta. Within these genera, a number of different goose species exist. Th... Read More »

What is the meaning of geese behavior?

The Canada goose is a common migratory bird, which is also found in semi-tame populations on farms and in parks throughout the United States. These birds are highly social, and as such engage in a ... Read More »

If there is a gaggle of geese and a murder of crows, what is a gathering of swans called?

You can call a gathering of swans a bevy, a herd, a bank, a ballet, a whiteness, or a wedge. The designation of a wedge is most often used to describe swans in Eclectic C... Read More »

How to Get Rid of Geese?

If you live near a pond, golf course, public park or any sort of large rural area located by water, you are very likely familiar with geese. These pesky creatures may be elegant, but can easily be ... Read More »