How do I tell female geese from male geese?

Answer AutosexingDetermining the genders of geese depends on the type of geese you are sexing. Autosexing, the process of visually determining the gender of certain breeds of geese through coloration, mar... Read More »

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How to Keep Geese?

Keeping geese can be a soothing and entertaining experience. They can produce delicious free-range eggs and premium meat, and they also act as burglar alarms. They are low-maintenance, as they larg... Read More »

How to Get Rid of Geese?

If you live near a pond, golf course, public park or any sort of large rural area located by water, you are very likely familiar with geese. These pesky creatures may be elegant, but can easily be ... Read More »

Are geese colorblind?

There is much speculation about whether geese are colorblind. Looking specifically at Canada geese, they see in a wide range of colors and their colorful sight assists with migratory flight pattern... Read More »

How do I keep geese off my lawn?

The problem is your pond. If you didn't have your pond then you would not have the geese. One option you can do to keep them out of your pond is to run some fishing line across the surface of y... Read More »