What do gardenias signify?

Answer Flowers have historically symbolized different sentiments, symbols, myths and meanings to different cultures and traditions all over the world.HistoryThe tradition of interpreting various flowers t... Read More »

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What does a red camellia signify?

The camellia flower is a symbol of longevity and faithfulness, and its different colors represent different meanings. A red camellia signifies wealth while a white camellia signifies loveliness. A ... Read More »

What Do the Colors in Anime Signify?

Anime is a style of Japanese animation that debuted in 1917. It was developed more fully in the 1960s after Hiroshi Okawa was inspired by American animation mogul Walt Disney to create a Japanese a... Read More »

What can cross-dressing in men signify?

Men cross-dress for many reasons; there's no one thing that it signifies. Cross-dressing is often mistaken for a sign that the man is homosexual. However, only a small portion of male cross-dresser... Read More »

What does paper weight signify?

How much one 500-sheet ream of 17-by-22-inch paper weighs determines a paper's weight. A ream of 17-by-22-inch paper is equivalent to 2,000 sheets of letter-sized (8.5-by-11-inch) paper. The thicke... Read More »