What do game designers do?

Answer A game designer creates computer and video games. With an in-depth knowledge of current gaming trends and various computer languages, these individuals partner with programmers and marketing profes... Read More »

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What do professional video game designers use to make games?

There are many ways to develop games. Modern games for the XBox and many for Windows are written using Microsoft's XNA Game Studio (… ) - a very powerful a... Read More »

How much do video game designers make?

A video game designer's salary depends on which industry he's in. Those working in software development average $41,290 to $82,669 as of March 2010. Those working for video game machines earn $48,3... Read More »

How much do video game designers make a year?

According to PayScale, the salaries of video game designers depend on their city of employment. As an example--as of March 2010, those in Los Angeles earn $49,579 to $70,723. Those in New York make... Read More »

What are house designers called?

House designers who draw upon different disciplines and aesthetic, function, and safety considerations in arranging or reordering interior spaces are called interior designers. Interior designers' ... Read More »