What do gallstones feel like?

Answer Gallstones are deposits of digestive juices that harden into stones that can be as tiny as a speck of sand or as big as a golf ball. Someone with gallstones may experience a variety of symptoms, wh... Read More »

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Can you feel gallstones?

I have gallstones. how will the dr get rid of them?

Yes, there is a medication you can take. Here's the page to read:'t mean you're a candidate for it though. You'll want to discuss this with your doctor. If... Read More »

What are gallstones?

'Gallstone' means a calculus formed in the gall bladder or its ductsit's gall bladder. The stone is made up of calcium crystals, it's caused by genes and/or a diet rich in fat. Pregnant women have ... Read More »


OUCH!! my brother passed a gallstone once, he said it was like a male equivalence of giving birth...ask your doctor for some pain killers for sure...good luck and remember, "pain is just an illusio... Read More »