What do frog legs taste like?

Answer If you crossed a cod fish and a chicken, that's what it tastes like

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Do you think frog legs taste good?

yea! It taste good I like it , you can cook by soup, or cook with 1/3wine 1/3water and 1/3 sauce and some onions inside and give some herbs last will taste great .

How to Fix Frog Legs?

Many people enjoy the taste of frog legs -- kind of a "tastes like chicken" flavor combined with a hint of fish. Even in 2900 BC, archaeologists discovered at a dig in the Czech Republic, ancient p... Read More »

How much will a food stand charge for frog legs?

I would say 6.89 I love frog legs my favorite

What do the Frech do with the rest of the Frog after they have chopped it's poor little legs off?