What do friendship rings mean?

Answer Friiendship rings are given from one companion to another, or mutually traded, to represent true friendship, affection and care. They usually do not have any romantic undertones.HistoryAccording to... Read More »

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What do the rings on the tree mean?

Tree rings provide information for scientists. They can discover climate patterns, drought conditions and many other factors from close examination of the rings. They can also determine the age of ... Read More »

What do thumb rings mean?

Thumb rings have played a part in fashion for centuries. Despite their steadfast popularity, the meaning behind the thumb ring is shrouded in ambiguity. Symbolism in various cultures ranges from fu... Read More »

What does PX mean on Templar rings?

The PX on a Templar ring is said to represent the staff of Osiris. Osiris is the god of the dead. However, the purpose of the Knights Templar was to protect those on pilgrimages to the Holy Land du... Read More »

What do rings on each finger mean?

Fingers hold certain meanings that derive from astrological and religious symbols that vary among cultures. Each finger represents certain personality traits associated with Greek gods. Jewelers us... Read More »