What do fathead minnows eat?

Answer Fathead minnows feed primarily on algae and other aquatic plant life, but they will also consume insects, larvae and other invertebrates, as well as the eggs of fish. When bred in captivity, fathea... Read More »

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Fathead Minnows Identification?

The fathead minnow (Pimephales promelas), according to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources website, is a common bait minnow which is sold in bait and tackle shops to anglers. The fathead minno... Read More »

What do mud minnows eat?

Mud minnow is a term used to describe several species of small stream fish, four of which live on the North American continent. A mud minnow's diet consists of snails, insects, crayfish and crustac... Read More »

How big are minnows?

Minnows are usually very small fish that are silver in color, but some have been known to be as long as 14 inches. The minnow family is the largest fish family.References:Aquatic Community: Minnows

How to Rig Mud Minnows?

Mud minnows are small fish that inhabit shallow muddy waters and are native to North America. Easy to catch and effective as bait for a variety of fresh and saltwater game fish, mud minnows typical... Read More »