What do farmers do?

Answer Depending on the type of farming that a person does, modern day farmers perform a wide variety of task and duties that are related to agricultural production. Some of those jobs include managing fa... Read More »

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Do farmers like aphids?

No, because aphids can ruin a field or lawn. They dine on food and garden crops. They secrete honeydew, which can turn into sooty mold on plant leaves. The honeydew attracts ants, and the mold is u... Read More »

What do farmers pollute?

The United States uses more than 300 million acres of land for the production of agricultural products. Corporate farm production in the United States has changed the methods of farming, as well as... Read More »

If there were no farmers people would probably?

Colleges for Farmers?

Farming is still a viable business, and for those who wish to seek higher education opportunities in the field of agriculture, there are many options. Whether pursuing an associate's, bachelor's, m... Read More »